In this week's episode, we talk with Bryon Pierson Jr, Co-founder & CEO of Edurain, about his entrepreneurial journey and their File, Find, Fund platform. Bryon's a good friend, and what he is doing to help kids pay for college and housing is amazing. And Since we talked about paying for education, I talk about Scholarship and Education in the Bourbon Industry in the second part of the episode. And I even do a tasting of Uncle Nearest 1884!
In this week's episode, we talk with Talena Handley of Girlie Garage, about how she uses her background as a mechanic to create a platform that empowers women on the road. We go in-depth on how Talena got her start, and what led her on the startup journey. Since we talked about women empowerment during the 2nd part of the episode, Host Erik Lutenegger talks about Women and Bourbon, finishes with a tasting of Maker's Mark 101. Will he have a functional palate this week?
In this week's episode, and it's our 100th episode so there was no way we'd miss out on talking with Nick Niehaus, Co-founder & Head Trainer of Business Video School and past Host of the Bourbon Friday Show, we talk about Nick's entrepreneurial journey, what he's doing with Business Video School and get some tips on how you can get started with video for your business. In the second part of the episode, Host Erik Lutenegger talks about Bourbon and Social Media and does a tasting of Fistful of Bourbon. Will he finally be surprised by a bourbon? Listen and find out.
In this episode, we talk to Roy Scott, the Founder and CEO of Healthy Hip Hop, and how they are trying to create the Sesame Street of the 21st Century. We discuss the inspiration of the idea, their creative process, funding as a black founder, as well as his experience with Arch Grants and Techstars. We also discuss Republic, the crowdfunding-style startup investment platform, and Health Hip Hop's current campaign. In the second part of the show Erik Lutenegger, the founder of Tenacity and Host talks about Musicians' involvement in Spirit Brands and Investing. And finishes with a tasting of Virginia Black, an American Whiskey by Drake
In this episode, we talk to Trinity Torres of FedTech about their programs that help entrepreneurs work with the Government. Then Erik runs down the laws of bourbon and it's history.
In this episode, we talk with Dr. Perry Drake, Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and Conference Founder of MDMC, the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. During the interview, we talk about the origins of MDMC, how it pivoted during COVID, and what's next. We also talk with Perry about being a college Professor during COVID Then Erik talks about the Marketing of Bourbon and how the words on bottles might not actually mean anything.
In this episode of the Bourbon Friday Show, we are joined by Michael Sato, Co-founder & Executive Director of Freecog, a non-profit startup which is developing innovative, tech-driven solutions to provide courts with an efficient and equitable alternative to the cash bail system by using a mobile app platform to increase accountability while decreasing incarceration costs. Featured Bourbon: George Remus Bourbon
Today on the Bourbon Friday Show, we talk to Rebecca Brian Pan, CEO & Co-founder of Covo and Christopher Holt, CEO & Co-founder of TechArtista about their new partnership and the St. Louis co-working ecosystem. Featured Bourbon: Jefferson’s Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finished
Today on the Bourbon Friday Show, we talk to Anatolij Gelimson, CTO of FastDemocracy a...
Today on the Bourbon Friday Show, we look back at 2019 and announce our top episodes of last year! Featured Bourbons: E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Stumpy's Old Monroe, 1792 Full Proof Recording Date: Jan 3, 2020